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The Radium fuel pump hanger permits the use of one or two Walbro E85 fuel pumps and is compatible with the following vehicles:

2012+ Toyota 86
2012+ Subaru BRZ
12-16 Scion FR-S

1. This system is only compatible with "Walbro 450" pumps (Ti Automotive F90000267 and F90000274).
2. This system requires the use of an aftermarket fuel pressure regulator. 
3. This system eliminates the OEM hanger's "post" fuel pump filter. A low micron aftermarket fuel filter should be installed downstream to protect the injectors from contaminants.
4. A full plumbing kit (FPR, filter, gauge, hoses, fittings, etc.) will be available from Radium Engineering late May 2017.

The machined assembly mounts in the factory fuel tank using the OEM ring and gaskets and reuses the OEM fuel level sender. A single -8AN male pump feed port and -6AN male return port simplify aftermarket -AN hose plumbing. The complete assembly fits under the OEM access cover without modification.

Wire connections are done with specially designed stainless steel studs. Stainless steel crimp-on ring terminals and heat shrink are provided for external wiring connections. All in-tank wiring is high quality PTFE insulated for use in gasoline and ethanol. 

The kit includes Radium's own venturi jet pump with interchangeable orifices. Without a properly designed jet pump, fuel cannot be properly transferred from the passive side of the OEM saddle bag fuel tank to the active side where the pump(s) reside. When fuel pump flow is increased, the OEM jet pump becomes too restrictive creating unwanted backpressure in the FPR return line causing excessive fuel rail pressure.

The kit also includes a FT86-specific contoured billet aluminum collector box. This container is NOT a total solution to fuel starvation, but does improve the fuel supply around the pump(s) inlet. There are two 1" check valve balls incorporated on the tank that serves as trap doors keeping the pump(s) supplied dynamically with fuel during aggressive driving. Furthermore, all returning fuel from the pressure regulator return and the crossover hose enter the collector box through a one-way duckbill valve keeping it full. The duckbill valve prevents back flow and reduces noise from fuel spray. The collector box also permits a mounting solution for the OEM fuel level sender.

Single pump applications can reuse the OEM fuel pump controller wiring, but it is recommended to upgrade the wiring as these high flow fuel pumps draw additional current requiring larger gauge wire.


-Anodized Aluminum Laser Etched Plate
-Anodized Aluminum Collector Box and Check Valves
-Anodized Aluminum Venturi Jet Pump with Multiple Orifices
-Anodized Aluminum 8AN Male Outlet Fitting
-Anodized Aluminum 6AN Male Inlet Fitting
-Anodized Aluminum Dual Pump Cradle
-Anodized Aluminum Pump Outlet Fittings
-PTFE Wire with Stainless Steel Terminals
-Fluorosilicone Duckbill Return Valve 
-Stainless Steel Hardware and Clamps


If supplying your own pumps, select the option "Pumps Not Included" from the menu. 
1. Installer-supplied pumps must not have any damage or modifications to the pump outlet hose barb. If the hose barb has been cut, damaged, deformed or modified in any way, it must be replaced with a new pump.
2. There will be enough components included with this option to use 1 or 2 fuel pumps. Depending on the setup, some parts will simply not be used
3. A pliable fuel pump filter sock like Radium 14-0143 must be used for proper fitment.

If pumps are needed, the kit will come preassembled with 65 micron sock filters installed on the fuel pump inlets. A low micron filter still MUST be installed downstream on the main fuel feed line.

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